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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Life Changing Story By ALL TECH GYAN

 Life Changing Story By ALL TECH GYAN 

MY NAME IS - Jaypal Thakur


Hello My Blog Name Is Yougle.I published a knowledge, life change real story, any new gadget detail review etc.

Education important

My Gmail- Education important

Welcome to Yougle. For the last many years I have been seeing that young people are running behind money. Every young man is leaving his education to earn money, but education is an important part of life, education will be there, and money will automatically come to you.

Talk about the importance of education in today's blog Hope you all like you and you can all request to read the whole story.

Neither I am a scientist but I am doing experiments in life and I learn from them. My thoughts are not created by the experiment, but it is made from experiments observation.

In my view, I believe that in order to live a normal life, if a person needs most of the things other than roti, cloth, and house, then education is that.

Suppose that if you have a lot of money, then you can convert it to gold. There is fear of losing both money and gold or loss of both.But if we think in a different way, that if we convert this money into knowledge we will never be less and neither can it be stolen.

In my house, I have seen the importance of education since my childhood. My parents, grandparents, mean that all my relatives believe that knowledge is an investment in which their profits continue till the end of life.

I tell you one thing that a king is that the king is worshiped on his own strength and on his own strength as far as his empire is spreading, but if the same King rules over his wisdom and kirti, then not only in his kingdom, Wants to go on known as around the world.

Albert Einstein Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore, Newton Vikram Sarabhai Abdul Kalam etc. were known not only in his native land but for his knowledge and his reputation on the whole of the world, there were many great men who spread their knowledge and wisdom on this earth.The same people become the source of inspiration for the entire human race, living to worry about what the result will be in the end.

When we used to study in school or college, at the end of the year, when we sit for the exams, there will be something missing or not by the good number or do not think this idea in my mind. Oh guys this day of education is serious for some time Of course, you can get the result of this seriousness more than expected.

Because I sunselly fill that when you fulfill chase knowledge, number will always fine.

When we taught cycling and swimming in childhood.Even after a year, if you do these actions, then you will never have to worry about swimming that you remember to run this cycle.

I believe that Weapon money does not make anyone powerful even if they are made, then for some time the wealth will be done tomorrow, not tomorrow. The use of this wean will also be taken as long as the weapon can go but the knowledge of scripture never stops.

" Knowledge can never been upset "

Knowledge is more effective than weapon and money. She is also more effective and powerful. Remembering me, the rich person of knowledge is always worthy of respect and honor. Because knowledge is the armor that will protect you from difficulties in your life, then you will not need any weapon.

Friends, I hope that by reading this, you have the importance of education and the importance of knowledge must have been understood. If you liked it then write down or write an email in the comment box below.

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